Food and Travel magazine is the world's leading gastronomic travel title with a 25-year heritage. Our award-winning magazine transports our readers on a culinary voyage with every issue. Food and Travel is published by Green Pea Publishing Ltd., a small independent publishing company.

Meet the Food and Travel magazine team

Editor-at-large: Alex Mead alex.mead@foodandtravel.com
Creative director:
Angela Dukes angela.dukes@foodandtravel.com
Deputy editor:
Blossom Green blossom@foodandtravel.com
Sub-editor: Liz Atkins
Kelly Flood
Editorial Assistant:
Megan Dickson megan.dickson@foodandtravel.com

Publisher: Gregor Rankin gregor.rankin@foodandtravel.com
Account director: Tim Broad tim.broad@foodandtravel.com

Interested in an editorial internship at Food and Travel magazine? Email info@foodandtravel.com with your CV and a cover letter.

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